Enwright’s Christmas Carol

Richard Charles Enwright was a practiced talent in the field of recorded narration, paid voiceovers and unprepared keynotes at corporate black-tie events. He was a veteran of stage and occasional botherer of screen, an old pro who had kept himself in reasonable health and bank balance amid four decades of uncooperative producers and unappreciative audiences. … Continue reading Enwright’s Christmas Carol

The Great Festive Bake Exhibition

On the 9th November, The Great Festive Bake Exhibition is coming. As well as some deeply talented artists, illustrators and designers from the North East, this will also feature a short poem I wrote in honour of the be-pastried roast dinner. You can follow them on twitter and Instagram and keep an eye on http://festivebake.co.uk for … Continue reading The Great Festive Bake Exhibition

SHORT STORY: Radio Silence

The taxi driver tapped the touch screen GPS on the dashboard and started the engine. He missed the radio pool. Janine and her harsh, clipped commands like a bunker General directing tank divisions. He missed the series of numeric codes the drivers hurriedly hissed over the line to request help with a passed-out drunk or … Continue reading SHORT STORY: Radio Silence