Chains: Reviews

The excellent folks at Margo Collective have been getting the Chains: Unheard Voices anthology out into the world of literary fiction reviewers and although it’s been wonderful to see the book as a whole get lots of positive buzz, I was even more delighted to see my story get a couple of honourable mentions.

Here is what indielitfic had to say:

Warmington’s is about the GAL company, with its endless managerial vacancies and Hey GAL shops “that are not, on pain of litigation, to be described as shops”: there’s more than a hint of Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums in the descriptions of the Leonard family, who own the company, even if its model is clearly Apple. It’s one of the collection’s funniest stories, but Warmington also skilfully wrong-foots the reader, turning the ending into something rather poignant. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Full review here.

And a more recent review from on Storgy:

The Sub-Regional [Interim] Unit Manager’ diverts us elsewhere. Dennis is the central focus, taking up the role that the title suggests. Comical and relatable at every turn, Warmington has the knack of creating believable characters in such a short space of time – both in Dennis and in the supporting cast as well.

Full review here.


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